🎥: Death and minimalism

This post is not depressing; I can’t stress that enough.  It’s the best tip I have to finding happiness and joy.  It helps you be nice to people and to feel grateful for what you have.  It helps you sort your true priorities and allows you to tell the difference between life’s bullsh*t and the truth.

From a young age, we are taught not to bring death up in conversation.  I imagine that one of the reasons is that there are many conflicting ideas about what actually happens when you die and, on top of a reluctance to make people uncomfortable, this means it can be quite a touchy topic.

And this makes it so much easier for us to ignore the fact in our own heads; to live our lives forgetting the only thing that is guaranteed.  One.  Day.  Everyone.  Will.  Die.

Keeping that in the forefront of our minds will improve everything – trust me.  Stresses seem insignificant and impermanent; joys seem brighter and we are more grateful for them.  In the video below, I am quite ill but make what I like to think are valid points.  Hope you enjoy. X

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