• The art of accepting change

    The art of accepting change

    The only truly consistent thing in our world is change. It changes, we change. And yet we find ourselves anchored to our attachments; as though holding on tightly to them will mean that they will stay the same. We know our efforts to deny change won’t keep things the same, but it can feel like… Read more

  • What are you responsible for?

    What are you responsible for?

    What are you responsible for? Here stands one of the most difficult questions I have had to try and answer. I have often found it genuinely debilitating; like Chidi Anagonye from the Good Place, the question of how far my actions reach has caused me to stay perfectly still for fear of creating a ripple… Read more

  • On missing a day

    On missing a day

    I like to think of my life as a ship that I steer.  My daily actions dictate its movements and, like all vehicles, it requires maintenance, care and sometimes repair.  The most important part of steering a ship is to make sure that it is moving.  You cannot dictate the direction of something that is… Read more

  • Minimalism and art

    Minimalism and art

    I just want to preface this post by saying that, although I’m talking about minimalism and art, I’m not talking about minimalism: the art movement.  I’m talking about the philosophy of minimalism and the topic of art.  Right.  Let’s go. Minimalism is a very personal thing and can have varying definitions depending on who you… Read more

  • Shopping ethically on a budget

    Shopping ethically on a budget

    As I may have mentioned, I’m a bit fussy when it comes to where my money goes.  And it can be a little time-consuming researching companies’ policies and what their factories look like (worth it, though; but time-consuming nonetheless).  One excellent option when it comes to shopping ethically on a budget is shopping at charity… Read more

  • Little strokes fell great oaks

    Little strokes fell great oaks

    We are well-accustomed to the concept that if, for whatever reason, we went back in time, we would have to tread lightly and act carefully in order to prevent big, scary changes in the future because we swatted a mosquito or looked at a dog weird or whatever.  This is a concept that we are… Read more